2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Owners Manual

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2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Owners Manual – Chevrolet states its 2002 Monte Carlo is “classy with an outdoors streak.” The wild streak arises from the car being designed in the wind flow tunnel for small drag and greatest steadiness since it of Chevrolet’s involvement in NASCAR Winston Glass supply car auto racing. It is no exaggeration to say Chevrolet and Monte Carlo have dominated NASCAR race since the “modern era” of the sport started in 1972. Considering that its reintroduction to NASCAR’s higher-banked ovals in 1995, the Monte Carlo has won several sequential Winston Glass Series Driver’s Championships.

Of course, the Monte Carlo on your nearby car dealership does not have the hose-framework or rear-wheel travel of a Winston Cup competition car. However, it provides spirited performance in its SS develops. And its styling does bring in focus. Just never assume individuals to include their ear when you start it up.

2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Owners Manual and Concept
2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Owners Manual and Concept

Two trim levels are offered. Each includes a 4-speed auto transmission.

LS ($19,985) is driven by a 3.4-liter V6.

SS ($22,785) utilizes a better 3.8-liter V6, plus upgraded tires, car tires, and revocation.

However the SS provides more regular products, Chevrolet has upgraded the LS to slim the range involving the two models. For 2002, air-con with motorist and person temp establishing is regular for both models. Electronic digital traction control started to be common on models very last year.

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Monte Carlo is a slick car aerodynamically. However, it looks as if this were produced by a committee. Specific elements are appealing, but we are not really satisfied with how they suspend together as a complete. It looks like the way it will need to have appeared when the engineers and designers appeared from the final wind-tunnel treatment.

Overall, the interior is a great design with a sporty flavoring that reminds us of Corvettes and Camaros.

The pail seats are rather secure for-town driving. Their design makes it easy to have in and out of the car. Equally, seats are easy to change, and there’s a lot of range in short and large motorists. Entrance-seat passengers will enjoy the energy seat alternative.

2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Interior and Redesign
2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Interior and Redesign

Robust strength and surprisingly great hold make the Monte Carlo an enjoyable travel.

The Monte Carlo SS features an extensively verified V6 that delivers 200 horsepower and 225 lb-ft of torque. It may not hold a candlestick for some of the old V8-run, rear-tire-generate Monte Carlos, but it is more than sufficient to break the car tires free about this front-wheel-drive model. Impact the throttle and there are quick strength and plenty of it.

2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Owners Manual

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